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East of the Jordan (Ürdün'ün Doğusu)

Yazar Adı : T. E. İlim Dalı : Fıkıh
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Ekleyen : Ender Nar/2008-03-11 Güncelleyen : Ender Nar/2008-03-11
ne cannot do archaeological work in Jordan for long and have an interest in biblical studies without raising questions relative to the location of the biblical places and events that are so much a part of the biblical narratives. This volume is a convenient tool for all those interested in the location of territories and sites attested in the Bible as "East of the Jordan," now The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. It presents the history of the identification of each biblical site and suggests the most likely location based on information provided by the biblical text, extra-biblical literary information, toponymic considerations, and archaeology.

All territories and sites of the Hebrew Scriptures in Transjordan, from the "Cities of the Plain" (e.g., Sodom and Gomorrah), the Exodus itineraries, and the territories and sites of the Israelite tribes (Reuben, Gas, and half Manasseh), to Ammon, Moab, Edom, and Gilead, are treated in "East of the Jordan."http://rapidshare.com/files/98316260/East_of_the_Jordan.rar <